Rail Structural Assessment

Stage 2 of the Operational Property Structural Assessment Programme (OPSAP) project will see Opus manage access and works at around 75 busy stations serving the North-West of England.

Network Rail has commissioned Opus to implement recommendations derived from their Stage 1 work, which will see our teams engaged in a range of work including;

- Site-facing inspection for assessment.
- Specialist materials testing and intrusive investigation works on site.
- Conducting detailed quantitative assessment (calculations) to verify serviceability of the structures under a variety of applied load cases.

The work will also see Opus employ techniques, such as 3D laser-scanning of larger and more complex structures, to cost-effectively capture data and inform the assessment process.

Opus brings their expertise in planning and delivering this project, alongside Network Rail’s minor maintenance contractor, to ensure all works are delivered safely and without any significant disruption to the travelling public and key stakeholders.

This is a logistically challenging project that will require a focused, multi-disciplinary effort to produce high value deliverables to our client.

Asset Management at Opus