19 October 2015

This week, Opus is supporting European Week for Health and Safety at Work, which begins today and runs until 23rd October, where staff will be engaged in a different topic each day. 

Adrian Clarkson (HR Director) said: “Whilst Health and Safety is top of our agenda throughout the year, this week provides an excellent opportunity to remind staff of our priority to keep them safe and be a ‘zero harm’ business.” 

The week is being kick-started promoting Opus’ Health and Safety Forums, which allows people at all levels in the business to contribute towards strengthening the company’s safety culture.

Mental health and wellbeing is another important topic and the recent introduction of a 24/7 help line (part of a wider Employee Assistance Programme) is supported by Opus staff sharing their own mental health stories.  Adrian continues:  “Mental health is as important as physical health to the wellbeing of our company.  We’re delighted that our new Employee Assistance Programme has launched this month and we have urged people to consider using this service.” 

Attention will also be paid to revisiting ‘lessons learnt’ from incidents and near misses that have occurred.   Asbestos risk, relating to site activity, has had much coverage over the years, but staff will also get information on some of the less well known potential risks in their home environment. 

Opus will end Health and Safety Week refocussing on their Health and Safety objectives to understand opportunities for the incremental improvement of its systems and drive towards the ‘zero harm’ target. 

You can find more about Health and Safety Week online here.