Disruptive Change

24 May 2016

As part of the ICE’s Lunch and Learn sessions, Opus’ Steve Draper (Technical Director Asset Management UK) presented a complimentary lunchtime webinar on ‘Disruptive Change in Transport’ on Friday 6th May. Steve’s talk covered how asset managers should respond to the changing technical and environmental landscape of transportation.

As autonomous electrical vehicles become closer to reality, asset managers will need an increase understanding of people’s behaviour and the rapidly changing social trends.

Steve has over 30 years’ experience in road asset management and as Technical Director Asset Management (UK), he oversees all major and high profile projects, setting the agenda in terms of strategy and delivery across all sectors. He has vast experience working in the UK but also in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.  His expertise lies in developing an asset management approach for highways management.

To listen to Steve's webinar and view the presentation, click here.