27 November 2017

ITP Cycling Photo 2Members of the Integrated Transport Projects team (ITP) recently took to the Hertfordshire network to better understand the needs of cyclists. Peter Gillard, Group Manager ITP (Mid and North-West Hertfordshire), explained that the core function of ITP is to “make the existing networks safer and easier to use whilst encouraging residents to take up alternative transport options” This supports Hertfordshire County Council’s vision to encourage residents to adopt healthier lifestyles, whilst  having a positive impact on the environment.

Designing cycle routes is an important part of ITP’s work to provide these alternative transport options. To gain a better understanding of the cyclists’ needs, the ITP team wanted to experience first-hand the issues that they face in normal day to day conditions. The team subsequently undertook a cycling proficiency training session which allowed them to experience the terrain through the eyes of a cycle lane user.

By taking a customer centric approach the ITP team have enhanced their understanding of the needs of cyclists which they are now incorporating into their designs. This has the benefit of understanding and accommodating the users’ needs while striving to provide a positive impact upon their overall experience and the environment.