Surveying services for over a decade

The Opus team has undertaken a range of river surveys for the Environment Agency.

We provide data capture and processing of river channel data for flood risk assessments, fluvial river modelling, flood defence management and channel maintenance – or any project that needs accurate and consistent river geospatial measurements.  Our team provides data in a range of formats for processing by river modelling experts.

At Dovecliffe Weir in Stafford we provided the cross section and topographical survey of the River Dove and adjacent river banks around two weirs, to provide data for a proposed fish passage and weir remediation scheme.

We also surveyed Sandyford Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme. The site is a designated SSSI so our survey methods took this into account. We provided the cross section survey – 11 cross sections – across two lakes, using a boat when we needed to, and a long section survey of flood banks along either side of the two lakes.