The Wales Route Asset Management team has a five-year budget set for the funding period (CP5)

At approximately £30m per year, Opus’ mandate is to help Network Rail save about £22m over this period.

Services provided by Opus include:

  • Strategic business plan development
  • Advising and compilation of 2014 civil adjustment mechanisms
  • Development and managing repair and renewals workbank and remits Asset management plan development for tunnels and major structures
  • Hidden shaft investigation and remediation strategy
  • Support to the Network Rail Wales Building Team.

“Our link with the Network Rail central team has been highly beneficial for the client. Due to our asset management expertise, Opus has staff placed in Network HQ where all the high level polices are set for the UK network. This project highlight that asset management is as much about people as it is about infrastructure.” Guy Dunscombe (Opus).