Opus works for the Environment Agency on site investigations across the UK

Our work for the Environment Agency draws on our extensive understanding of environmental issues and project management, and our multi-disciplinary agility.

We design, undertake and supervise physical investigations. Given that the sites are often next to water courses, significant access and health and safety issues have to be overcome in order to meet the Beyond Zero approach to safety. Each site also has an Environmental Action Plan identifying the salient environment aspects.

The studies have been undertaken throughout the UK from Exeter to Morpeth. Studies have been for a variety of purposes either to investigate flood retention structures (current or future) or into the illegal depositing of Hazardous wastes. Contaminants of concern are wide ranging but often include asbestos and hydrocarbons.

This work draws on our extensive understanding of environmental issues, a high degree of project management and the ability to be agile and undertake detailed environmental assessments.

We have successfully completed a large number of investigations at various sites and, under the Environment Agency’s own assessment criteria, are the highest performing supplier on the Framework. All works have been completed successfully, while maintaining safe access for the public.