What keeps me interested in my job is that no day is the same. There’s an even balance between an office job and working outside in the fresh air, which I think definitely helps with general wellbeing, and helps me to be a well-rounded surveyor.

I’ve recently been promoted to a Surveyor role, and the support and training I have been given to get to where I am today has been given in abundance. The ability to learn and develop means I have gone from an assistant to a surveyor in just a year and a half.

At Tower Surveys (part of the Opus group), there is a great sense of family and everyone, especially managers, are generous with their time in helping and guiding me. I know that I am always able to ask for help, and likewise I am always at hand to offer it. I’ve also had every opportunity to increase my training from basics such as First Aid, Working near Water, to Signing and Lighting and Asbestos Awareness courses.

In the future, I would love to expand my knowledge and develop my skills into more specific surveying teams.