I’m lucky to get a great balance between being onsite and work in the office, as part of my role in Opus’ Civils Assessment Framework team delivering work for Network Rail, which involves inspecting, assessing and reporting on structural assets.  The best part of this job is the challenging nature of the calculations, due to the complexity and variety of the structures.  I enjoy the responsibility of delivering high quality reports to our clients, as well as the interaction that I have with sub-contractors, strengthening both my technical and communication skills.

It’s great to have the opportunity to work on large scale projects, within a company which still maintains a very close knit feel. I love being able to interact with people from different offices, who can support me through my career development. 

For me, I enjoy the holistic approach to managing assets, starting with the inspection all the way through to the final report, including calculations determining capacity according to British and European Standards.

The graduate training programme is providing me with some valuable support, as I work towards becoming chartered.   It’s been good to meet Opus Graduates from across the UK and the recent 2 day residential was a great experience.   I’m excited to see what the future holds for me at Opus.