Some days I will be out on site taking measurements, other days discussing issues with local residents, and of course I spend time in the office designing a scheme based on data I’ve collected onsite. It's the variety that's the best thing about working in the Integrated Transport Projects and Safety (ITP) team at Hertfordshire County Council. 

As an Engineering Assistant I work on a variety of highway schemes that can cover improving walking routes to school, providing engineering solutions to allow for school crossing patrols and traffic calming schemes. Though they are all different in their own way, they all possess individual problems that need solving. I enjoy finding a way through them, from feasibility through to delivery, and interacting with local residents that are positively affected by work I have done gives me enormous amounts of job satisfaction.

In ITP we work with a variety of teams across the service, but a huge part of the job is liaising with County Councillors, residents and local schools to help find solutions to problems they may be having with their highway. We always endeavour to find the best solutions because we know we are making a difference to people who live in our area.

It’s great to know, when finding these solutions, that we have the full support of Opus as part of a global organisation. The potential to share knowledge and skills across the company is invaluable not only to schemes Hertford are developing, but for personal development too.